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"Susie is a ray of sunshine. My baby and even my toddler adore her."

Babies, Toddlers & Kids
Adult & Child Classes

Drop in Classes Are On Break Right Now.

Sunshine Playgroups

Image by Beth Macdonald

Private and Semi Private Playgroup Classes
Fun, happy, creative Adult & Child classes with your friends. Music, Baby Sign, Art or Preschool Alternative.

Classes by your children's ages:

An adult and child together class.


Babies: 3 - 18 months

Mixed 0 - 4 years
Twos & Threes Class

Messy Art & Music!

Art Class

Child & Adult Classes

Music & Art!

Music &  Art together in one class! A super fun class for kids who are ready to start exploring hands on sensory mediums and creative art.  Creative, process oriented, open -ended kid-tested art plus cute take home projects.

An adult and child together class.

Ages 18 months - 3.6 years
Ages 2 - 4 years

Baby Sign & Music!

Enjoying a Beautiful Day Outside

Baby & Me Classes

Energetic, fun, interactive Music plus Baby Sign!

Sensory and developmental play designed just for babies.

Sign is a wonderful thing to do with your baby!

An adult and child together class.


Ages 3 - 18 months

Mixed Ages 0 - 4 years

Sunshine Studio Prep
Charming Little Kid Looking Up and Playing with Crayons.jpg

Preschool Alternative

Twos & Threes

Adult & Child Classes

Small groups, private or semi private classes available

This Parent & Child class is a wonderful alternative for families delaying in person classes, or playgroups who want to do a twos and threes preschool readiness class.

An adult and child together class.

Age range from 18 months - 3.6 years

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