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Coming Soon: Baby Sign & Music videos!

See videos and pictures of babies and kids having fun online with Susie. Sent by class parents.

"Great fun for the kids" - Andy Cohen

"My one-year-old son LOVES Susie and was engaged the entire class. He picks up on her sign language and that is also very helpful."

"Susie will bring joyful and bright energy into your home with her online classes!"

"....her sign language classes are fantastic. She's full of energy, knowledgeable, and a very talented musician."

-Juliette's Big List 

"Susie is a ray of sunshine. My baby and even my toddler adore her."

"Very entertaining and energetic for the kids, great with the sign language too."

"When we weren’t allowed to leave our apt Miss Susie’s classes were greatly missed. The fact that she whipped up virtual classes so quick is SO appreciated. I loved how she sent out the materials and directions beforehand. She even had ideas for how to make paint and paste if you didn’t have any store bought materials."

Susie Screen Shot Messy Art .png

"What did you love about the class?"

"The combination of music and art."

Great Pix: Blond Boy on tummy watcing Su

"My 3.5 year old has been participating in virtual classes for 3 weeks and Miss Susie’s Messy Art class has been the most engaging and fun! THANK YOU!"

"Susie is a West Village treasure, so glad the boys can do music and art with her even remotely now."

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