"Susie is a ray of sunshine. My baby and even my toddler adore her."

About Susie

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Everything Is Based in Communication.

Hello, I am Susie. I teach, sing and sign. to babies, toddlers and their families. (Nice, huh?). I also deeply believe in the importance of Early Communication Skill development and the Power of Language and Self Expression.

Kids who feel understood are happy kids.  I have worked with so many new parents, taught and sang to and studied babies and kids, for year and years.
If I have anything worth sharing first off it is this: Babies and kids deeply want, us to understand them. Not just their needs, they want us to get who they are.

Early Communication Is Essential.  It has a profound impact on a your bond - and how we communicate, read and understand a child can support a child's developing brain architecture, cognitive and social emotional development. 
It's Big Stuff: Foundations for relationships, school success. and beyond.

It's got to be fun!  (And easy please :) So I incorporate Baby Signs with Music and simple Communication Techniques that are good for your child's overall development. Parents retain the Baby Signs and Techniques and use them because I keep it simple and treat it all as fun and something we play!

Communication is everything.


Sunshine Babies & Kids, by Early Learning Circle. For this program and classes I draw from extensive experience in Early Childhood to create carefully structured, research-based, fun, engaging classes and programs that enrich children's lives.

Founder, Director Of Early Childhood: Moon Soup Inc. Renown NYC Early Childhood Program, incorporated best practices of Montessori, Reggio Emilia and Waldorf education. Locations Midtown East, Astoria, Wall Street, Upper West Side,

Director Of Early Childhood: Aha! Learning Partners. Innovative, research-based "Play Lab" program, NYC; Building and creating Immersive Sensory Enviroments for parents, babies and toddlers. Served as the atelierista, expanding the ideas of young children through materials in this Reggio Emilia influenced program; Curating children's work; Parent Education talks.

Director of Classrooms; Programming & Teacher Training for Early Learning Concepts, Inc.. With locations in NYC, DC, and VA. Developed a Preschool Alternative Program, along with Music and Gym curriculums utilized across a large territory, overseeing teaching staff and classrooms for 13 Gymboree Centers for Early Learning Concepts, Inc. Began as a class teacher, promoted to training teachers, then to developing curriculum. Work included in depth training and required a broad knowledge of infant and early childhood development.

Created & Taught Teacher Training Workshop, Gymboree, Inc., On Communication and Theatrical Techniques for Class Teachers.

Teaching Artist/Lead teacher for various Parents & Child Classes NYC;. Including: Afterschool Art teacher, Jefferson Market PreSchool; Music & Baby Sign Teacher, Manhattan Jewish Montessori; Afterschool Drama Teacher, United Nations School.


Education & Influences:

  • Early Childhood Education, SUNY, Bachelor of the Arts. 

  • ZERO TO THREE The Growing Brain (Provisional Trainer Certification).

  • Resources For Infant Educarers (RIE) Foundations Course.

  • Studied ASL at New York Sign Center, ASL NYC, Signing Online and others.

  • Early Childhood Music Education, Kindermusik.

  • Teacher Training with Karma Kids Yoga.

Memberships, Organizations & Others:

  • Member of The National Association For The Education Of Young Children

  • Member of Zero-To-Three.org 

  • Certified American Heart Association CPR Instructor.

  • Director with The Actors Studio's PDW

  • Member of AEA, SAG and the SDC

  • Performer, Singer, Musician and occasional Painter

At the heart of all this creative and teaching work, is a passion, facility and understanding of the vital importance of language and communication skills in the happiness and well being of children and other humans.

It is all about communication.


My Work With Children & Other Humans