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About Susie

What Parents Are Saying


Everything Is Based In Communication.  Hi I'm Susie. I sign, make music, sing, do art and play with babies, toddlers and kids -  and their parents and caregivers :) I use specific, responsive, empowering, positive affirmation signing because I deeply believe in the importance of Early Communication and the power of Language, Connection and Self Expression in babies and kids development. I share science-based ways to support children's cognitive and social emotional development and am a certified trainer of The Growing Brain, from

Kids who feel seen and understood are happy kids.  I've worked with so many new parents, sang and signed to - and studied - so many babies and kids, for years and years. If I've anything I want to share it is this: Babies and kids deeply want, need us, to understand them, to affirm them, and to really get who they are.

Early Communication has a profound impact on your bond with your child - and that is essential - but also how we communicate, read and understand a child can effect and support a child's developing brain, cognitive and social emotional development. Foundations for relationships, self-esteem, school success. and beyond. Signing is a wonderful way to connect early with your baby and support th
eir communication skills. How we sign is as important as what we are signing. 

It's got to be fun!  (And easy please :) We know children learn best through play, but guess what? So do adults! We retain the baby signs, and techniques more easily when it's simple and fun. So I like to keep everything I teach easy and fun.

Communication is everything. 


Sunshine Babies & Kids/Susie's Baby Signing: Drawing from extensive experience in Early Childhood developed research-based, super-fun, engaging "Baby & Me/Parent & Child" style music and play classes that enrich children's lives and early learning in a holistic way. Based in children's Ages & Stages, classes with age-appropriate combinations of Music, Sign, Art, Sensory and Creativity for Play-based learning. Susie's Baby Signing uses ASL vocabulary with a special focus on Affirming Signs, Empowering Babies and supporting Social Emotional Development and Communication Skills. Older classes, Messy Art, Preschool Prep and Play classes incorporate Sign and Positive Affirmations, with a special  focus on supporting positive social skill development as part of school readiness.  An ongoing, informed, joyful, creative teaching practice based in celebrating children - drawing brain development science while based in the philosophy of respect for the child. Teaching Artist, Teacher/Staff Trainings, Program Development. Parent-Cafes andWorkshops.

The Children's Storefront, NYC. Program coach with parents and caregivers of infants and toddlers, teaching and modeling responsive brain building "serve and return" based ways to interact with and respond to their child. To help them to support the development of strong brain architecture during their child's first 3 years of life. Facilitated virtual and in person play-based groups sessions. Within groups, worked 1-1 on one with parents, observing, using positive reflection and coaching, support and strategizing to help parents reach their goals. Shared research-based approaches, learning activities and information to support young children's social emotional development. Led early literacy and pre-math skill activities, sharing and teaching parents and caregivers about foundational early childhood education concepts and activities in a play-based setting.

Director Of Early Childhood: Moon Soup Inc. Founder of this renown NYC Early Childhood Program, incorporated best practices of Montessori, Reggio Emilia and Waldorf education. Locations Midtown East, Astoria, Wall Street, Upper West Side. Developed an extensive Teacher Training Program and Early Childhood Curriculums for ages 0-3 years. Provided parent support, hosting Workshops, Discussion and Support Groups on infant and child development and parenting.

Director Of Early Childhood: Aha! Learning Partners. Innovative, research-based "Play Lab" program, NYC; Building and creating Immersive Sensory Environments for parents, babies and toddlers. Gave Parent Education talks and presentations, sharing child development philosophies, insights and teaching practices with parents of infants and young children. Served as the atelierista, expanding the ideas of young children through materials in this Reggio Emilia influenced program; Curating children's work; Wrote documenting the developmental aspects of children 's class activities for parents. Trained teaching staff and oversaw teaching staff.

Director of Classrooms; Programming & Teacher Training for Early Learning Concepts, Inc.. Work included in depth training and required a broad knowledge of infant and early childhood developmentDeveloped multi-site Teacher Training Program, oversaw site and classroom team management systems in locations for 13 centers across NYC, DC, and VA. Developed a highly successful Preschool Alternative Program, along with Music and Gym curriculums for ages 3 Months to Three Years old for Early Learning Concepts, Inc. Originally hired as a class teacher, first promoted to training teachers, then to Director of Classrooms, developing teacher trainings, curriculums and class programming. 

Created & Taught Teacher Training Workshop, Gymboree, Inc. Communication and Theatrical Techniques for Class Teachers.

Teaching Artist/Lead teacher for various Parents & Child Classes NYC;. Including: After School Art teacher, Jefferson Market PreSchool; Music & Baby Sign Teacher, Manhattan Jewish Montessori; After School Drama Teacher, United Nations School. Experienced in teaching programming in  Music, Art, Drama, Yoga, Gym, Science, Messy Art & Play and Cooking to young children.


My Work With Children & Other Humans

Education & Training:

  • Early Childhood Education, SUNY, Bachelor of the Arts. 

  • The Growing Brain curriculum:, Certified Trainer of Trainers ZERO TO

  • Early Childhood Music Education, Kindermusik.

  • ASL studies at New York Sign Center, ASL NYC, Signing Online, Signing With Meredith and others.

  • Karma Kids Yoga Teacher Training.

  • Baby Yoga and Infant Developmental Movement, training with Karma Kids.

  • RIE Foundations:Theory and Observation (Resources For Infant Educarers) 

  • Postpartum Doula Training (DONA approved).

  • Alexander Technique & Voice, Jean McClelland.

  • Teacher Workshops/Cohort, The Touchstone Center, with Sarah Lawrence College.

  • Certified Life Coach (ICF Approved Training).

Memberships, Organizations & Other Passions:

  • Member of The National Association For The Education Of Young Children.

  • Member of 

  • Director/Dramaturg/Actor/Performer: Member of AEA, SAG-AFTRA and SDC.

  • Double major in theatre studies SUNY. 

  • Voice Actor, Performer, Singer, Musician, Creative Movement.

  • Director in Directors Unit and Playwright Directors Workshop at The Actors Studio NYC.

  • Have taught drama to children :)

  • Artist: Working in paint, pencil, clay, decoupage and other. Also an art teacher for young children.

At the heart of all this creative and teaching work, is a passion, facility and understanding of the vital importance of language and communication skills in the happiness and well being of children and other humans.

It is all about communication.

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