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Messy Art & Music!

A super fun, very creative and engaging class.

For children ages 14 months up to 3 years.


Music & Art together in the perfect class for busy kids! A great age-appropriate, super-engaging, music plus art class!  


Art time has hands on, open-ended, super creative sensory art - plus cute take-home projects. Music time is filled with energetic, interactive rocking music -  with a fun mix of pop, folk, rock and classic kids songs - with instruments, hand and sign songs, parachute, disco bubbles and more!


Class Reminders & Rules:

*Paint used is non toxic and washable kids paint - but please dress kids sensibly as stains can happen. Aprons available.

*Adults must stay with and supervise, and remain responsible for their child at all times. No separation allowed.

"Miss Susie’s Messy Art class has been the most engaging and fun! THANK YOU!"

"What did you love about the class?"

"The combination of music and art."

"Susie is a West Village treasure..."
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