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The Growing Brain: From Birth to 5 Years Old

a ZERO TO THREE curriculum.

Virtual Course Units:

  • The Growing Brain—The Basics

  • Factors Affecting Brain Growth and Development

  • Communication and Language Development

  • Cognition and Executive Function

  • Social-Emotional Development

  • Understanding Behavior; and Play

  • Along with ways you can encourage healthy brain development in children from birth to 5 years old. 

Teacher & Professional Trainings: In-depth course with certification of training hours. Coaching and training can be modified to cover your needs.

Caregiver Cafe Classes: Informal in a more social setting, sharing valuable research, information and tools - geared to parents and caregivers needs. Available to groups and families.

The greatest rate of brain growth takes place during the first few years. The Growing Brain is an innovative curriculum covering the architecture and neurobiology of brain development, supporting language, cognition, prosocial behavior, social-emotional development, reducing toxic stress that can negatively influence brain development of very young children and the effects of outside influences.


The Growing Brain Unit 1: The Basics.

  • Free 3 hours course for professionals, parents and caregivers.

  • PDU certificate (3 hrs) available on request after completion (please email request.)

  • Held on Zoom. Must RSVP. Sorry no drop ins.

  • RSVP to a single Session Date 24 hours in advance to receive the course zoom link .

  • Please note sessions will be recorded. 

  • Course manual required for PDU. It is only $1.50 for the Unit 1 manual. Please buy @ with this link.


  • FRIDAY APRIL 5th, TIME: 3:30-6:30 PM, EST

  • SATURDAY APRIL 6th TIME: 1:00-4:00  PM, EST.

  • SUNDAY APRIL 14th TIME: 1:00-4:00 PM, EST.

Sign Up Here:


3 PDU hours certificate per unit available.

Course Manual purchase required. See below to purchase your manual before the course.

  • Course Units: $45 per course/$95 for all 3 units

  • RSVP dates and times and an enrollment link will be sent 

  • The Growing Brain—The Basics. SATURDAY JUNE 11, 10m,-1pm EST.

  • Factors Affecting Brain Growth and Development. SATURDAY JUNE 11, 2pm-5pm EST

  • Communication and Language Development: SUNDAY JUNE 12, 1-4pm EST

Dear Parents, Teachers & Caregivers,
Hi there - a lot of you know me for doing the happy babies thing - singing, signing, art and fun and teaching kids with parents and caregivers. So, am I a teacher...? A music specialist..? Or an early childhood educator and trainer...? Yes to all. If you read my background you'll see I kind of live with a foot in both worlds - and have trained teachers in parent and child programs for years  - as well as my own teaching doing music and play. Actually, a big, big part of all the fun stuff we do with babies and kids in my classes is all about giving kids the very best start in life. I am a big believer in that the science supports all the heart led work. (And fun, I also really believe in fun.)

I'm certified trainer of The Growing Brain, and have taught this course to teachers, parents, doula's and others. It's a wonderful, powerful and impactful class. I try to keep everything accessible, user friendly and applicable - let me know if you have any questions  - and I hope to see you in a class.

If you are in an invited, hosted or sponsored course or group please email with the time and date you would like to join. If you would like to book a course for your group or yourself please email to inquire.


For any course manuals required, registered participants may buy it directly from ZEROTOTHREE.ORG using the link.

What Course Participants Say:

"Susie is an outstanding facilitator and communicated the information in a way that was digestible and memorable."


I was really amazed that so much of parenting and nurturing is able to be substantiated by science. I hold parents and babies in the highest regard, and see their work as our greatest hope for humanity." 


- Kelly Van Zandt, Author Powerful Postpartum 

"Susie was fantastic! She made me feel welcome and comfortable. She related situations to personal experience and even encouraged me to do the same thing. Which in turn will help me to remember the information." 


"This course gives value to my job, as I work in a YCC (toddler) classroom at a Montessori school. Understanding more about where my students are and how I can help them is always valuable."

- Bridget Bernhard, Early Childhood Professional 

"I think every parent should take this course."

- Monica R. Certified Life Coach

This course will help parents and caregivers understand children’s brain development to guide them in their expectations and ways to engage with their little ones.


- Theresa W., Postpartum Doula

Professional Development Hours:

Certificate for hours are given out by your trainer after the course. Please email to request your certificate.


This virtual course is in a relaxed setting - and we'll have breaks and have moments to stretch and chat - it covers a lot - and I hope we can share some laughs along with the a-ha moments. The course is done on zoom so download the free app for your device if you haven't already got it.


Please make your self comfortable during the course - wear your sweats, have water and feel free to eat, stand and stretch anytime. We're zooming in from our home or workplaces - and if life intrudes we get it - we have had kids, dogs and even a parakeet needing to be fed in the middle of the course. It's all good :)

Mother Working from Home
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