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Sunshine Studio

Preschool Alternative & Prep (Online)
Young Artist

Early Learning, Skill Development &

Play-To-Learn Curriculum.

Ages 2.6 - 4 years

Tuesdays, 11:10 - 12:00 (50 minutes.)


  • Small groups.

  • Themed lessons

  • Early Literacy & Word Play

  • Pre-Math

  • Art, Sensory & Science

  • Music & Movement

  • Easy at home practice activities or games; With materials like a marker and paper or a printable (provided.)​

  • No separation allowed, class is for child & caretaker together.

Once registered for the your session you get the weekly link automatically. 

Book a single, to sample.

Only as space allows. 

For kids who are ready to do some more preschool style learning and activities, Sunshine Circle is a wonderful virtual alternative to in-person Preschool Prep & Alternative.


Class combines preschool themes and skills curriculum with an energetic, interactive live, virtual Music and Play class.


Class is made for an live, online setting and everything is structured to engage kids with fun and learning in a virtual setting. Lots of interaction and fun for everyone!

Ever week we  do a live virtual classes with a fun lesson theme. (Like Dinosaurs!) Through out class we  play with counting, letters, or color matching and other early learning activities based on our theme for the week.  Class has music circle time, sensory and creative art, messy art, early-science and other fun early learning activities.
 Skill development is incorporated into the themative play with focus on Fine Motor, Letters, Numbers, Seasonal and Social themes. Featured Words and Signs based on our theme. 
With a once week program done for our homes, parents can support the preschool learning with some very simple play and activities based in our lesson theme. But there is no pressure or feeling like you have to if your kid wants' to do something else. 
Susie reaching down to dinosaur 9 face f
Susie Counting Dinosaurs 3.png



Yeah! You found it! 

Parent & Caregiver's Role:

Class is designed to keep it simple and manageable.  Everything is organized and planned for you. And you can skip using the printer anytime you want.


Before class parents look on the class parents page if there is anything special to bring for each class. (Eg we are bringing apples to class for art on week one!)

After class parents do some  skill development activities to extend the learning during the week. Sometimes there is printable posted, or something easy with colored paper  Sometimes it is something exciting like a YELLOW Treasure Hunt!  A game of finding COLORED objects at home, to bring to next's week's class group show and tell. 

Screen Shot 2020-08-01 at 7.02.21 PM.png

Preschool Skills Practice:

It is always best to stay more play-based. Any skill practice will be easy going for kids and parents. 

Printables or workbooks for skills are fun, but optional.


Class Is For Two Of You Together: 

Parents or Caregivers participate in class at home with their child. You need to stay with and help your child, and also to supervise your child for their safety and well being during class. Caregivers remain 

solely responsible for their child in class.

Basics To Set Up:

You can join class with just markers, paper, paint and brush. Add some musical instruments, a teddy or doll and a little blanket and you're all set to join class!

Learning is Fun! Learning is Play!

Girl Reading and Laughing

About Your Teacher

Susie At Home Music Class Picture.png

Teaching & Talking to Kids:

The Power Of Language Is Amazing.

How we speak to children in class is important to their self confidence and social development.


All class activities are taught and designed to support children's self esteem, self-confidence, language, social and communication skills.

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