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"....her sign language classes are fantastic. She's full of energy, knowledgable, and a very talented musician."

Rocking Out To Mother Goose!

Hickory Dickory Dock & A Tisket A Tasket!

Signing For Praise & Positive Reinforcement.

Watch this toddler sign AWESOME for himself!

I love to use lots of positive word signs in class to incorporate the language of praise with Babies.  Work these signs into your daily routines and communication habits.  Let your baby know how beautiful and smart, strong and AWESOME they are every day!


Homemade Kid's Paint Recipe!

Scroll Down to see it!

Very inexpensive, and a fun way to play more with ASL! I got it and it's cute! If you purchase it with this link we earn a small percentage as an Amazon affiliate.

Coloring is a great activity for kids. This is my favorite site for Free Coloring Page Printables.

Baby Signs:


are great signs to use frequently with your baby. You are teaching them the signs but it is also a great way to practice interactive, conversational communication skills.

Creativity in Class & At Home: 

Kids Art Supplies!

Top Picks & Best Deals

As an Art Teacher I'm picky and always carefully choose any supplies and products for kids that I use, recommend or suggest. You can get these materials anywhere of course, but if you use these links to purchase we earn a small percentage as an Amazon affiliate to help with the website, FYI the paint set is the best set and the best deal I've found (and I look all the time) for a set of kids washable tempura paint.

Homemade Kid's Paint!

From The Kitchen

It's easy to make kid's paint with handy inexpensive materials from your kitchen!

My Best Fast Homemade Paint Recipe:

For each color of paint mix:

1/4 cup flour

1/4 cup water

Few drop of food coloring.

Mix in a plastic cups 

Keep food coloring away from carpets to avoid staining.

Do not store left over paints to avoid spoiling.

Add more flour to make thicker "finger paint."


In Studio: Art Class we  have also made Milk Paint,

done Salt Paintings, Corn Starch painting and More....


Who knew? So much Art could be found in the kitchen.

Easy Homemade Instruments:

  • Best Drum Ever: Empty Big Oatmeal Box (love it!)

  • Best Shaker: Empty Small Dish Soap Bottle with 1/2 cup rice in it (makes a great sound!) You can also use a small empty water bottle.

Some Nice Kids Musical Instruments:

If you want to add a nice drum, or do not want to DIY your instruments! I always choose carefully any instruments for kids and babies. You want quality and the right hand size and a good sound. You can get the one's listed here anywhere of course, but if you use these links, as an Amazon affiliate we get a small percentage payment. Here are some really good instruments for young kids, and for little babies.

Sing Some Happy With Me!

"This Little Light Of Mine..."

Picture Book Favorites!

Recommended Children's Books are from my own book shelf, having been read to groups of children in countless stories times. Using these links also supports me as an Amazon affiliate with a small percentage.. Click the title to learn more or to order.

A frog teaches us that it is okay to be different By Ellen Stoll Walsh.

A beautifully illustrated classic, a story that kids get caught up in. By Ezra Jack Keats.

A super silly, fun summer read that makes kids think a bit. Great ocean illustration art.By Kevin Sherry

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