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Susie's Baby Sign & Music!

Stuytown moms class outdoors!

"Susie is a ray of sunshine! My baby and even my toddler adore her!"

Hi Everyone! Please save this page link - this is a private page just for the Stuytown residents class hosted by Lindsay.

If you want to invite any friends that's great - just let Susie or Lindsay know.
Susie Outdoors Music.jpg

Baby Sign & Music class!

  • Tuesday1:00-1:45​​​

  • Price: $25 per class

  • Please RSVP in advance (if it rains you can do a make up).

  • Sign up link is below

Be sure you ask to be on the mailing list with Susie to get any updates or changes​ :)


  • The benches circle - entering at 18th Street and 1st Ave, you turn north and go up the steps/ramp. It's close to the entrance of playground 1 - you will see a benches circle area above the playground entrance - located in the space between the buildings.

  • If it rains we can cancel and do a make up.


  • Class is for Stuytown moms and their guests. Be sure you are on the invite email list with Susie & Lindsay.

  • Please do not come to class if your baby or caregiver are not feeling well or are ill to avoid spreading illnesses.

  • Please do not come to class if you where exposed to covid recently or are not feeling well,

  • If you miss due to illness just email Susie and you can do a make up or get a refund for the date :)

  • Susie will bring instruments to use, or feel free to bring your own. Instruments are cleaned before the babies use them.

  • Please bring your own baby blanket :)


"....her sign language classes are fantastic. She's full of energy, knowledgeable, and a very talented musician." 

- Juliette's Big List

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