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Sunshine Studio Prep 

Online Preschool Alternative Class
For ages 2.5 - 4 years. 

Please contact about upcoming sessions.
Space is limited. Please sign up early to ensure a space. Email with any questions. 

Private group classes are available, please inquire.

A is for APPLE

Engaging Themes & Early Learning.

Learning is Fun!

Learning Is Creative!

Girl Reading and Laughing
Relax and have fun together in class!  Early Learning activities include Art, Science, Letters, Language, Literacy and Math play. Taught with fun learning themes as we create, practice and learn together - all in a fun age-appropriate way!

Kids love to learn, and it always should be fun with no pressure.
Parents get simple weekly instructions to prepare for class activities, links and printable sheets for more between class play and learning. (Easy-peasy!)

For Ages 2.5 - 4 years. 

Young Artist

A fun engaging, creative class for kids who are ready for preschool style learning and activities. Sunshine Studio Prep is also a wonderful online alternative for parents waiting to begin any in-person Preschool Alternative or Two's Program. 


Class is full of playful learning, interaction, guided play, playful skill practice, positive reinforcement, creative projects and caring attention, to support both early skill learning and children’s self-confidence as we connect and learn together.


Class includes traditional preschool learning activities, adapted for an at-home online class setting.


We will sing about our letters and numbers, count, match colors, sing about days of the week, and explore lots of hands on, creative science and art.


Parents get fun before class prep activities and after class links, printable sheets and fun thematic play and guided play activities to continue the class' themes. 

A Parent & Child Class.

Adults stay and supervise their child during class. It is a special, dedicated time together. There are also fun learning and play activities for you to do together between classes to extend the class lesson themes and support confidence and early skill development.

Image by Gabe Pierce
Alarm Clock

Adults stay with their child the entire time. There is no separation, you do class together.


Class Details: Class is typically 50 minutes together in the virtual class, plus parents get links and some fun printables or short thematic videos, and play-to-learn activities suggestions for during the week. Repeating or extending learning and play themes from class is a great way to support children's learning, comprehension, and confidence - plus to have more fun during the week between classes!

Small Groups for individual attention: Class are filled with lots of individual attention, encouragement and sense of connection. Private group classes available, please email to inquire.

Class Is For Two Of You Together: There is no separation. Parents and Caregivers remain solely responsible for their child's participation, safety and well being at all times.

Class Materials:  There are some basic supplies, like crayons or markers, washable non-toxic kid's paint, brush and paper. Toys like stacking blocks, a baby doll, and some basics you likely already have. There are also DYI I-has-no-time-to-shop options (we get it!) to be able to do activities in class. 

Make Ups: Missed Classes are welcome to be made up if there is an available Drop In Class, that is already scheduled - make ups are not guaranteed and are always are based on current availability. 

Read About Your Teacher

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Teaching & Talking to Kids:

The Power Of Language Is Amazing.


How we speak to children has a great impact on their self confidence and social development.

Positive social themes are supported with focused, ongoing, authentic language of praise and encouragement. 


All class activities are designed to support children's self esteem, self-confidence, social and communication skills.

Communication is everything.

About School Skills

Everyone wants their child to be ready for and to do well in school. Of course!

It's sometimes tempting to push young kids to practice skills - with tracing sheets, rote counting and such. But play is actually the best way for young children to learn - and to develop skills.

And parents sometimes say they just have a kid who wants to start making make letters or numbers. If you do choose to use tracing sheets - just remember that skill activities should be approached in a playful, no-result thinking manner.  
It is important to remember to always follow your child's individual readiness and their interest when introducing skills. Meanwhile, remember and know that the playful learning we do is full of skill development.

Some skills kid's typically master when they go to Preschool:
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