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Thanks for coming to Baby Sign & Music class! ​

Here are your Sunshine Baby First Signs Videos, and some Parent Tips for signing with your baby and child.

Sign, Sing, Repeat.

We use music to reinforce and make signing easy to learn.

We do lots of other helpful signs in our classes!

These beginner  sign videos are to help you get started. Remember start with only a couple of signs at first. 

Have fun with these Baby's First Signs Video & let me know if you have any questions about the baby sign or parent's signing tips!

Sign is such a wonderful thing to do with your baby!  


Hurrah! See how doing our Baby Sign & Music class encourages positive self esteem. Watch how this little student cheers for himself with one of the familiar positive praise signs that we incorporate and repeat in every class.



"Milk", "More", "All Done"

With parent-teaching techniques for effective communication and signing with your baby.

Introducing Your First Baby Signs:

 "Milk", "More", "All Done"

 Begin with signs for things your baby relates to like....MILK, or MORE.. These are also easy to work into your daily routine. 

Introduce only 2- 3 signs into your routine at first. 

Don't overwhelm the baby wth too many signs at first. You want to give the baby a chance to start to get the idea that you are communicating with your hands.

How to use the "MILK" sign: Whenever you go to give a bottle or nurse, do the "milk" sign and repeat it several times as you sign. "Do you want milk, do you want milk, do you want milk.?" Repetitiion is the key.

Use this method with the signs "more" and "all done"

  • Ask & Sign. Answer your questions your self.

  • Do You Want Milk? Milk? Milk? Yes you want Milk, Mil, Milk" as you sign. Repeat it a few times times in a row.

Thinking Like A Baby:


Signing "ALL DONE"

  • Introduce the "ALL DONE" sign to your baby early. Use it at the end of all your activities and routines with the baby. Help your baby understand and be more comfortable with endings and transitions.

Transitions Can be Challenging For Young Children

  • Babies tend to not like endings and transitions. They do not really get the concept of "later" or "not now" yet.

  • Everything is so in the moment for babies. So changes and endings can stress some babies out a bit.

  • The "ALL DONE" sign can help your baby become more comfortable with endings and transitioning..

How Does Signing "ALL" DONE Help My Baby?

  • A familiar routine cue "ALL DONE" can help a baby feel more comfortable with transitions.

  • As if they are thinking  "Okay, I recognize this one, It's that ending thing...okay just relax, I can do this...." 


That's awesome! How Do I Use It?

  • Use the words and sign "ALL DONE"  at the end of; eating, playing, diaper changes. and any time there's a  change or ending.

Flip Side Of The Sign "ALL DONE."

  • Some babies start to sign ALL DONE when they are full, or have had enough.

  • Watch your babies hands for any little "flipping" gesture for ALL DONE..

Signing MORE can also mean "I like that!"

Baby Sign Techniques for Parents

1. Repetition, repetition. and .... more repetition.

  • Repetition is how your child will be able to comprehend and use sign.

2. Ask & Answer Technique:

  • Model a verbal exchange by speaking the question and answer.

  • This demonstrating supports your baby's communication skills. 

3. Open Ended Questions: 

  • This means asking "Are you hungry?" instead of stating "You are hungry". Pretty simple but powerful.

  • Of course don't wait to feed a hungry baby. But just posing it as a question, gives your child an opportunity to develop more self identification.

  • Is allows for the Baby to wonder, "Am I?" "Yes I'm hungry!" Or "Nope., Just gassy"  

Yes & No!

Wonderful expressive and useful signs!


Parent Tips:

Let yourself be animated and play with these signs.

Use rhetorical questions and answer them with spoken and signed "Yes" and "No".

"No" is not always a "bad" word. Often it is a silly word.  

As your child learns these signs you may find they are sometimes more effective silently signed  than a spoken "No" or "Yes".


Parent Tip:


Sometimes when trying to get child's attention it is less noise, silent deep eye contact, an animated facial expression with clear signing  of Yes or No may get their focus more than a loud voice.

How to Use Signing  "Yes" & "No"

Sing Along Sign Song: Yes & No
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