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Messy Art & Music!

Messy Art is awesome!

A super fun combination of Music & Art!

For Ages 2 -4 years.


No Classes Are Scheduled at this time.

Hey Everyone,

We had such a great time with Messy Art! THANKS everyone! The classes are done and we have no more scheduled. If we add a new class time I will email the parents.  

LOCATION: The benches circle. 

BRING A BLANKET: Something waterproof for sitting on the ground is best.  Set up your blanket distanced from others.

Smock or Not? It is up to you - pack a smock or just have kids wear something you do not care about getting messy. 


  • If you are ever worried about possible rain just sign up close to class time. 

  • If class is cancelled due to rain you can either transfer a credit to another week (best) or you can be refunded for that day.


  • All adults need to be fully vaccinated to attend and are required to provide the teacher with verification of vaccination before class. (Showing vaccine verification only required one time.) 

  • Maintain social distancing. Please try to help stay ahead of your kids with managing the social distancing.​

  • No Walk ins. Please sign up in advance. Class group is by invitation.



  • Do not come to class if you or your child or caregiver are not feeling well or showing any signs of illness. You can book a make up if you need to cancel for illness.

  • Social Distancing required during class, including with your teacher. Please try to help stay ahead of your kids with managing the social distancing

  • Adult must be fully vaccinated and show vaccine verification to attend.

  • Instruments available/provided, or feel free to being your own.

  • Art materials and tools provided.

  • Set your spot - or blankets  - up socially distanced.

  • Please bring a smock if you want one. Or skip a smock and dress in  "art clothes"  -  it is usually easiest. 

  • Dress kids in art-clothes (okay to get painted on), the paint is washable, but stains can still happen. 

  • Bring Baby Wipes to clean kids hands

  • Everyone please help clean up your own art area.

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