Messy Art & Music Class at Stuytown!



Mondays at 4:00

Messy Art is awesome! A super fun combination of Music & Art!

For Ages 2-4 years.


The benches circle, right above  Playground One  (Between the buildings to the north). Nearest entrance to Stuytown is 18th Street and 1st Ave. Enter, turn left up the ramp. The bench circle is across form the entrance to Playground one, you will see the bench circle between the buildings to the north.


  • RAINY WEATHER: PLAN B LOCATION.  If it rains we will go to Playground 4 and use the covered play area again - it was great. Located near Ave C side of Stuytown - where 17th Street would be, go up the ramp to the upper level.

  • If you are ever worried about rain you can sign up closer to class time. 

  • If class is cancelled due to rain and you had already signed up you can either transfer a credit to another week or be refunded for that day.


  • All adults need to be fully vaccinated to attend and are required to provide the teacher with verification of vaccination before class. (Showing vaccine verification only required one time.) 

  • Maintain social distancing. Please try to help stay ahead of your kids with managing the social distancing.​

  • No Walk ins. Space is limited. Please sign up in advance.




  • Do not come to class if you or your child or caregiver are not feeling well or showing any signs of illness. You can book a make up if you need to cancel for illness.

  • Social Distancing required during class, including with your teacher. Please try to help stay ahead of your kids with managing the social distancing

  • Adult must be fully vaccinated and provide vaccine verification to attend.

  • You can email or bring and show your proof of vaccination to your teacher before class. (You only need to show your verification once.).​ 

  • Instruments available/provided, or feel free to being your own.

  • Art materials and tools provided.

  • Please return all used instruments and art tools into the "to clean" bag.

  • Set your spot - or blankets  - up socially distanced.

  • Please bring your own smocks if you want one. Or skip a smock and dress in  "art clothes"  -  it is usually easiest.

  • Dress kids in art-clothes (okay to get painted on), the paint is washable, but stains can still happen. 

  • Bring Baby Wipes to clean kids hands

  • Everyone please help clean up your own art area.