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Baby Sign & Music!

A Stuytown Resident Hosted Playgroup,

doing class with Susie!

Summer Is Outdoors!

(And f it rains we'll go to the host's apartment: )

Please save this page link - this is an unlisted page just for the resident host and their invited playgroup guests.. See you at class :))

"...her sign language classes are fantastic. She's full of energy, knowledgeable, and a very talented musician."

- Juliette's Big List 

"Great fun for the kids!" - Andy Cohen


Ages 3-19 months 

  • ​Energetic, interactive music, sensory play plus signing with your baby and toddler! Signing is a wonderful thing to do with your baby and toddler! It reduces frustration and tantrums and supports early communication skill development.  An engaging, super-fun, upbeat, developmental music and play class for babies and tots!

  • Playgroup Class is hosted by Stuytown mom Alice :)

  • If it rains we can go to Alice's apartment - address will be sent privately.

  • $25 per class / Drop in!

  • Sign Up Below.


  • Mondays @ 4;15 PM, weekly during the sunny season :)

  • For rainy days we'll go to our host's apartment. 

  • We're doing Baby Sign & Music class!


You can get a Class Plan for easier booking - still flexible scheduling.

Click "Explore Plans" to learn more.  


  • The playgroup meets outdoors for class at the benches circle in Stuytown. To find the spot in Stuytown, entering at 18th Street and 1st Ave, you turn north and go up the steps/ramp. It's close to the entrance of playground 1 - you will see a benches circle area above the playground entrance, located in the space between the buildings.

  • On rainy days we plan to go to our host's apartment in Stuytown for class, and/or would announce any cancellations or no class dates.


  • This outdoor class is for the Stuytown resident host's guests. 

  • Please sign up and pay for your class here. It's drop in class - but you need to sign up for each date you attend. If you have trouble signing up - please just email Susie before coming to class.

  • Please bring your own blanket :)

"Susie is a ray of sunshine! My baby and even my toddler adore her!"

 Looking for Susie's open drop-in classes indoors? Go here instead: 

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