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Here are some basic supplies to get for the preschool age class.

Anything listed is available on the class' Amazon shopping page.

Boy Coloring

Tracing Books:

If you want to skip using your printer to print out any thematic tracing sheets that I post, you could also just purchase some inexpensive tracing books.


There are also some ages 2-4 years old  Letter Tracing and a Number Tracing and Preschool Math  books on the class' Amazon Page. 


Or use any tracing book you already have. Our goals are fine motor control and familiarity with letters, numbers and shapes.

General School Supplies List: 

You do not have to get all these at once, but if you are going to Staples you might want to stock up to save time and money. These are only suggested materials, please check and read all packaging and supervise your child with art supplies.

  1. Washable Markers

  2. Chubby Beginner Wood Pencil. If your child is already using a standard #2 pencil you can just use that .

  3. Washable Tempura Paint  (Need: Red, Yellow, Blue. Additional colors are ok.)

  4. Chubby kids paint brush

  5. Thinner Paint brush (there is a set with a Chubby and thin is on the Amazon page).

  6. Construction Paper (Multi colored.)Plain White Art Paper 

  7. Watercolor Paint Set (An 8 ct is listed you can get a larger set if you like.)

  8. Washable School Glue (80z)

  9. Craft sticks (small box)

  10. Playdough

Save from the recycling:

  • Empty Water or Dish Soap bottle

  • Empty paper towel and toilet paper roll

  • Save old wrapping paper, magazine paper, junk mail

      or store circulars. They all make great art collage paper.

Supply Shopping:
Staples has most of the supplies in store at lower prices. Or find them on the class Amazon Wish List.
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