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Home Tips For Your Virtual Class:

Sing out! Participate and encourage your child during class!  Model participation to your baby. This is the same suggestion as to a new parent starting in-person Baby & Me classes.

Have your class materials already before class. Check out my list of homemade musical instruments and props if you don't have any yet. And Homemade Kitchen-Sourced Art supplies.

Try to set up your space with as few distractions as possible and put favorite toys away. But, if you child does become distracted in class, remember this is normal, especially at first.

Kids get hungry. It's okay to feed them, let them watch class and eat. When they're done  gently redirect their attention back again!

Practice and Repeat songs and signs in-between class. Repetition is key to early learning. In-between class have fun practicing songs and signs with your baby on your own.

This simple repetition and simply referring to our class activities in-between classes, is one of the most powerful parent tools for supporting greater confidence and more focus in class with your young child.

Feeding the Toddler
Father Playing with Son
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