"My 3.5 year old has been participating in virtual classes for 3 weeks and Miss Susie’s Messy Art class has been the most engaging and fun! THANK YOU!"

Messy Art & Music Class!

A super fun, very creative and engaging class.

For children ages 14 months up to 3.5 years.


This online class is great with a combination of Music + Art. Both younger and older kids love this energetic music class plus art class mix! Art materials used are easy to source and easy to clean up.

Messy Art Is Awesome!

"Susie is a West Village treasure, so glad the boys can do music and art with her even remotely now."

 No Class Date: March 26th.

We are back the next week!

This Week's Art Project & Materials:

Feel free to substitute with materials you already have.

March 5th: Handprint Painting!

Let's do this classic art activity! 

Supplies For Hand Print Art:

  • Different Colored paint

  • Paper plates or small plates to put paint colors in.

  • Brushes or Q-tips

  • Plain paper plates (fun) or sheets of Paper - If you have any paper roll or some other larger piece of paper today that is good too.


  • Foaming baby shampoo or shaving cream - always fun!

DYI Easy Quick Art Supplies:
And some food sourced art materials.
Fast Easy Homemade Paint Recipes:
(Remember food coloring can stain some fabrics.)
  • Milk Paint: Mix 1/2 cup Whole Fat Cows or Oat Milk + Food Coloring. (Throw left over paint out to avoid spoiling. 
  • Flour Paint: Mix 1/4 cup Flour + 1/4 cup water + Food Coloring. (Throw left over paint out to avoid spoiling)
Last Minute Art Paper:
  • White copy paper, paper bag, butcher’s paper
Last Minute Paint Brushes:
  • Basting Brush, Q-tips, Foam Contractor's Brush
Art Supply Basics:
Easily source the art supply items we use with the class' Amazon Wish List link below.
  • Washable Non-Toxic Kids Paints
  • Chubby Paint Brushes or Q-tips to paint with
  • Construction Paper or Art Paper Roll Paper
  • Can of Shaving Cream
  • Or Foaming Baby Shampoo
Easy Tips For Set Up
  • FYI art "mess" really is easy to clean up.
  • Younger kids can sit in the high chair to do class. (= super easy clean up).
  • It's okay to let kids mess their hands, just keep paper towels or a damp hand towel handy to wipe off hands after art time..
  • Set up your art at any coffee or dinner table, or on highchair, or work on uncovered floor.
  • Avoid doing art over any rug or carpet.
  • Some kids wear a smock, or just have kids wear something okay to get paint on. ,​

"What did you love about the class?"

"The combination of music and art."

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