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"Susie is a West Village treasure..."

Messy Art & Music!

A super fun, very creative and engaging class.

For children ages 14 months up to 3 years.


This class is perfect for busy kids who are ready to get creative and love to explore. We combine hands on, open-ended, super creative art, sensory exploration and beginning science plus music and movement! For a great age-appropriate, super-engaging, music plus art class!  


Music, Art & Science together in one great class for kids.


Young kids love playing with Art! Ask about Susie's younger child, toddler friendly (easy!)  food-based paint and supply recipes. Any "messy" art materials used are kid tested, easy to source & easy to clean up.

"Miss Susie’s Messy Art class has been the most engaging and fun! THANK YOU!"

 Art Materials & Prep:

Supplies for class:

  • Different Colored Kids Paints (Tempura or homemade/toddler recipe paint.)

  • Brushes or Q-tips

  • Shaving Foam or Foaming Baby Shampoo

  • Paper or paper plates

  • Cups to mix in.


"What did you love about the class?"

"The combination of music and art."


Art Supply Basics:
Easily source the art supply items we use with the class' Amazon Wish List link below.
  • Non-Toxic,  Kids Paints
  • Chubby Paint Brushes or Q-tips to paint with.
  • Construction Paper, Copy Paper or Art Paper Roll Paper. (Check in your recycling too!!)
Easy Tips For Set Up
  • Younger kids can sit in the high chair to do class.
  • Let kids mess their hands, keep a damp hand towel handy to wipe off hands after art.
  • Set up art at the coffee or dinner table, or highchair, or on any hardwood  or uncovered floor.
  • Some kids wear a smock, or just have kids wear something okay to get paint on. 
Susie's Screen Shot Red Shirt Strumming

Don't forget to bring some shakers or instruments for music time too!

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