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"Susie is a ray of sunshine! My baby and even my toddler adore her!"

This is an outdated and no longer active page.
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  • Adults need to be fully vaccinated and provide verification to attend. (Bring or email it). (You only need to show your verification once.).​ 

  • Please be sure your nanny or caregiver knows and brings their own vaccine verification.

  • Do not come to class if you, your child or caregiver have any signs of illness, or have been recently exposed to Covid. You can do a make up or get a refund if. needed for illness.

  • Social Distancing required. Set your blanket socially distanced. 

  • No Walk ins. Please sign up up in advance.

  • Adults must supervise their children at all times.

  • Start age and readiness varies -  you know your child best.

  • Adults must stay with and supervise their child at all times.

  • If we have to cancel for weather or another reason you will receive a credit for another class.

Be sure to read the Covid Safety & Class Rules and reminders listed above before signing up for classes.


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Class is now on the east side of Washington Square park, between the 5th Ave &  University entrances on Washington Square North.


Next to the circle of benches, on the shady grass. It's easy to spot it right across from the big playground entrance.

See the pink X circled on the map for the location.

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