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"...her sign language classes are fantastic. She's full of energy, knowledgeable, and a very talented musician."
- Juliette's Big List 
Music, Sign & Early Communication Skills

For Babies Communication Skill Development:

Signing especially with music, engages and underscores the feeling and communication in our signing, making it a holistic, happy, fun learning experience for babies.

Babies and parents retain the signs more easily through song and because we had fun learning them.

Babies need to express themselves!

Signing also increases the parent child bond and reduces babies' frustration and tantrums as they can communicate and have their needs met. Signing also supports children's early facility for language and communication.


Early Parent-Child Communication Supports Development

Early, responsive communication between parent and child is wonderful for your bond, but it is also supporting infant brain development, self esteem, language, comprehension, communication and social skills. We utilize a variety of communication and language play methods along with sign to support early communication skills.


Signing With Your Baby Should Be Easy & Fun!

We use ASL vocabulary, but we are not using ASL grammar. Focusing on words that are part of your every day routine, or that Babies are interested in, or are fun for babies, and signs that support babies needs.  Baby Sign is easy and fun.

Adorable Baby Signing "More".

One of our baby sign class students at home. So cute! Watch the baby's language comprehension and communication skills at work as he uses the sign "more".

Developing Expressive & Receptive Language Skills:


Signing is amazing for infants and toddlers communication skills. One of the truly wonderful things to see in children as they grow with sign is how the innate expressiveness of signing enhances your child's expressive language skills.

Parent's often share about an "explosive" or unexpected "blossoming" of expressive language with a child they have done baby sign with.

Come Sign & Sing Some Happy!

Susie Screen Shot SIGNING PLAY 2020-04-0

Sunshine Baby Sign & Music is a wonderful class to experience with your baby.

A fun, active interactive class designed to support babies developing language and communication skills. Engaging, live music, sign songs and chants, creative sensory and developmental play all infused with positive reinforcement and encouragement to your child.

This enriched, baby-loves-it mix, carefully structured to engage your baby and child, makes learning to sign with your baby easy and fun!

Email to ask about private classes & groups.

See More Babies Signing!

Drumming Toddler

Signing "Awesome!" for himself.

Watch how this toddler, another class student is expressing his enthusiasm for his truly awesome drumming! We use this simpler version of "awesome"to allow for babies' motor skill levels.

Signing "More" & "Please".

Sweet toddler signs to Dad.


Now watch the same toddler using his signs and manners to get more Icecream. (Motivation!) Sign is a great way to support manners. Please & Thank you are wonderful signs to use early on.

Babies are so smart. 

They are learning at a rate we couldn't even imagine. And they have many things to say, or ask for. Teaching infants to to communicate with sign, before their verbal skills are developed enough to express themselves well, empowers children with stronger, and more expressive communication skills, and increases the parent-infant bond. Signing also make us better, more intentional communicators with our babies. 

Milk Please!

Another video sent by class parents.

"Milk" is of course one of the first signs I have parents incorporate into their daily routine with the baby.  It is a wonderful feeling when you see the baby start to ask for milk, or other needs, on their own with sign. 

Being able to communicate their wants and needs to you, can decrease an infant's frustration and temper tantrums.


Being able to have a need met through communication increases the bond between parent and child, and has a powerful positive effect on your child's overall communication skills and language usage.

 ASL is a wonderful language!

We do work from ASL vocabulary. You will discover American Sign Language is a fascinating, powerful language. If you want to pursue more in-depth American Sign Language training, that is wonderful!  For that, it is strongly recommended that you study with a Native Signer, either a Deaf Adult or a Child of Deaf Adults (CODA) who grew up signing as their first language. You can also find ASL courses for adults in many community colleges or universities.


If you do pursue ASL studies, you will discover a beautiful language and rich culture. One that has so much to teach the hearing culture about communication.

Sign Language Course
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