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Hey Everyone - Miss seeing everyone - so here's a new song and some easy ways to support kid's Social Emotional Learning.

About Children's Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

The "Social" is about how we relate to others and our relationships, and the "Emotional" is about our feelings, how we experience and manage our emotions. 

Simple Parenting Tip: Name Emotions. We all know little kids can have BIG emotions. Just naming what they're feeling is a way help kids - and adults! - know what they are feeling, to express and maybe be less over whelmed by emotions. Keep it simple and with no pressure - maybe sing, pretend and play to name feelings, or name them when observing someone's emotions  - with something simple explaining, "they're sad" - or mad happy... and so on. Or maybe ask, "Do you think are they sad?"  And of course by gently asking about, or naming emotions your child or baby is having - and letting them know that it is okay to have their feelings.

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