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Class Tips & Parent Reminders

Home Tips For Your Virtual Class:

Just like in-person classes it is typical for your baby or child to take a few times to get the routine - and they usually become more focused as they a more  familiar with the routine.

Try to set up your space with as few distractions as possible and put favorite toys away. But, if you child does become distracted in class, remember this is normal, especially at first.

Kids get hungry. It's okay to feed them, let them watch class and eat. When they're done  gently redirect their attention back again!

Have your class materials already before class. Some shakers or instruments, a baby blanket or scarf and a stuffed toy are the basics for Music. For Art, any kids washable paints and paper are fine, you can check this weeks art project here.

Practice and Repeat songs and signs in-between class. Repetition is key to early learning. In-between class have fun practicing songs and signs with your baby on your own.


Class is for the two of you:

Parents & Caregivers must supervise their child during all activities in a virtual class and or any type of class. Parents and Caregivers remain solely responsible for their child's safety and well-being at all times.

Join the group and let us know add your child's name: 

For virtual classes you need to be seen on screen. No observers allowed.

Chill if the baby is still napping. If your baby naps through class time, it is fine, don't worry.  Just email to rebook. There is a no refund on purchases but you can reschedule. 

Sleeping Baby
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